Hank and his new clothes

Posted by admin - August 12th, 2015

shemalecamHank threw his bag of cheap clothes on his bed and went and had a shower, and then sat naked on the end of the bed in his hotel room. He opened up his lap top and typed in a shemale cam site name in his search engine. He had never seen the site before but someone had told him about it last night at a club he had been to. Hank is married with children but he loves it when he has to go away on business trips so that he gets a chance to express himself properly. In fact, Hank would have gone on to this shemale chat site last night but he wanted to be fully ready. He watched as lots of photos of pretty and beautiful chicks with dicks appeared on the screen. His eight inch uncut dick was rock hard already as he looked at all their amazing bodies.
Hank saw a woman called Franny who was dressed up as a sexy, tempting secretary with glasses and sexy stockings. Just the right cam person he was looking for. Hank put his hand in his bag and pulled out a pair of woman’s panties and put them on – after making sure he ripped a hole in them so he could get to his aching asshole which he had just shaved. He then slowly dressed up in almost the same clothes as Franny in front of him and then, and only then, did he click on her image. Hank felt good as Franny appeared on the screen in front of him. It was only then that he realized Franny looked remarkably like his own secretary, but he felt comfortable with himself for the first time in ages.
‘I want you to touch your body outside of your clothes,’ Hank said, knowing exactly what he wanted, what he had always wanted. He watched as Franny squeezed her big sexy tits through her white blouse. Hank did the same and felt his cock throb in return. He copied her every move, as her hands went down her stomach, so did he; he mirrored her as her hands went over the front of her skirt, over her hard lump that jutted out. Hank did the same and his cock almost came as it felt the warmth of his hands rub against it, the panties restraining his cock all the time.
‘Now keep your shirt on and take your tits out, then I want you to lift up your skirt and play with your dick,’ Hank tapped in as he felt a sudden rush of adrenalin surge through his body. Hank squeezed his nipples and lifted his own skirt up and rubbed his cock like she was doing in front of him. She looked amazing and he felt like he was looking into a mirror.
‘Can you get on your knees now please, and keep your skirt above your waist; I really would like to see you fuck yourself with a dildo,’ he asked as he took out his brand new dildo out of his bag knowing that it would have to be thrown away later, in case his wife saw it.
His heart thumped in his chest as he once more copied what Franny was doing. He didn’t take his eyes of her as he watched the dildo going in and out of her tight asshole. His body felt like an explosion had happened inside as he rammed his own dildo in and out of his tight shaved ass, harder and faster, faster and harder until it built up into one massive crescendo and without touching his cock, he shot hot smouldering spunk into his woman’s panties. It leaked out and dripped onto the bed.
Hank felt so good and decided to send the shemale cam chat site an email thanking them for making his dreams come true. He threw away his clothes and dildo and went back home the next day. But he went back home a happier man and knew he would soon be doing it all over again with another hot shemale friend online via facebook.

http://www.blueshiftworld.com/ – A great Shemale Cam website

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smallA way for today’s modern shemale to date worry-free from the comfort of their home has just begun. Sit back, relax and enjoy the shemale webcam show.
It’s hard in the hustle and bustle of our fast paced world for single fabulous shemale to find an ideal match let alone a tolerable date. It’s exhausting to work full time, accomplish everything your demanding life requires while setting aside some time for companionship. Why waste your precious time primping to go to the gym and get sweating; trying to scope out one hot buff hunk after another, only to find out that Mr. Perfect Pecks is all beauty and no brains! Dating shouldn’t be a job or an impossible task performed at loud corner coffee shops or dimly lit questionable pubs. With our site we make dating as easy as one “click”! All dating sites are not created equal, we should know! You can visit http://www.blueshiftworld.com/ shemale cam dating site where we empower any shemale to take charge of their romantic life in an online presence. Dating should be a relaxing escape from the chaos of daily life. Imagine a place where any shemale can comfortably let their hair down and enjoy stimulating conversations with a like-minded man. No more dating hamster wheel, running around in circles but never really getting to where you want to go! Kick off your sensational sling back pumps and grab your online device. Dating should be fun and you need a little fun in your life!
shemale cam
We’re not asking you to commit to a “life mate” or fill out a long portfolio before you can even be “matched” based on our criteria. That is great for marriage sites but if you’ve found us, you’re looking to weigh your options, and we don’t blame you. Dating is a rite of passage before you settled down; then again dating is a perfect way to “get back out there” after love throws you a curve ball. At http://www.blueshiftworld.com/ dating site, Shemale webcams allows you to mingle in a safe online environment. Like we said, “you call the shots”. Just fire up your Shemale webcam and get started, that’s all we ask, and the rest is up to you! No more typing and texting, trying to interpret what someone is trying to “say” while never really saying a word. Emoticons have their limitations. Attraction is primarily visual and we want you to make a love connect on every level possible. Stimulate your senses and go at your pace. You don’t have a curfew here. Stay a little while or a long while, we will not close if you are having a fantastic time!

We’re not your average dating site because we won’t accept average and neither should you! So check us out right now…what are you waiting for? Prince charming could be online waiting and you don’t want to let him slip through your fingers. Grab a glass of red and prepare for what Shemale cams dating sites has to offer. No one can hold your hand and guide you along the right path but at least with us, we can get you connected!

Website is loaded with attractive shemale cam models

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The shemale cams website is loaded with attractive shemales who are ready and waiting to have fun. Upon visiting the website, I noticed that there were several different cam models to choose from, giving me the chance to choose someone I was most attracted to.
It was easy to find what I was looking for because of the simple navigation system. There are cam models featured under the top shemale webcams, but there are also models listed under various other categories, including new, transsexual couples, and shemales alone without anyone else in the view of the camera.
Before deciding to click on anyone specific, I could read some information about each model. The information provided included the age, sexual preference, and body type of each model. There are curvy, thick, big, and thin models on this site, so there is definitely the perfect shemale cam to match with anyone’s personal preference.

One of the best features on this website is the ability to watch the recorded videos that some of the cam models have made. For example, if you have a favorite shemale and she doesn’t happen to be online when you’re looking to chat, you can watch a recorded video instead. Another good feature is the ability to read short bios about each of the models. There is a lot of good information to be found in those bios, including which fetishes and interests the shemale has, along with what you can expect to see in the live shows.
The shemale web cams are exciting because the cam models story know how to keep an audience entertained. From dressing up in sexy costumes to teasing for the camera, there are many ways to have a good time while watching any shemale cam on this website. After signing up and viewing some of the beautiful models, I added some to my favorites list, and will now receive notifications whenever they get online. I would highly recommend anyone else who visits this website to do the same, especially if you have a favorite cam model that you would love to see more of.
When looking for a website that features stunning shemale webcam models, you won’t need to look any further. This website features dozens of beautiful models with different features and fetishes, all of whom love to keep it interesting while they’re performing.

When I turned eighteen I found a shemale cam site

Posted by admin - October 17th, 2014

When I turned eighteen, I finally got to move out of my parents’ home and into and apartment of my very own. I was really happy about this new found freedom. But while most young adults look forward to parties and doing whatever they want, I was happy for another reason. As a bi-sexual male, I could finally explore my sexuality without being judged. My father was very against my choices in life and was very unhappy when he found out I was bi. But instead of kicking me out, he made my life very rough for almost 2 years. So the minute I turned eighteen, I got out of that house.
So after moving out I was totally free to do what I wanted, but didn’t know where or how to start. I knew that I liked both males and females on cam, but didn’t know how to break into the dating world. I had never actually been on a date before and to be completely honest, I was still a virgin. Having absolutely no sexual experience, I turned to the internet for guidance.
After I got off work one day, I came home to my tiny apartment and started browsing adult themed websites. I was particularly horny that day and wanted to find something that peaked my interests. I looked at several websites, but stopped when I came to a shemale cam site. Once inside the site, I was a bit nervous, but very intrigued. I looked around the site in amazement at all the beautiful shemale and all of their amazing bodies.
I was taken away by their beauty and the fact that they all had very nice sized cocks. Being bi-sexual, I really found that having a beautiful looking lady, with a hefty sized penis under their dress, really turned me on. I was getting the best of both worlds! So I browsed around all the different shemale cams and found one that was really my type.
This shemale; whose screen name was Candy, was a tall dark skinned goddess with ample sized breasts and a monster penis. After going inside Candies public chat room, I started talking to her and we really seemed to like each other. She was very nice to me and helped me to overcome my shyness. Once we talked for about 20 minutes, she invited me to go into her private room with her and after I added my credit card information the fun began.
We started out slow, with talking dirty to each other and then things started getting more hot and heavy. After about 10 minutes, I turned on my webcam so Candy could see me as well. She was also amazed at my young fit body and got me to take all of my clothes off for her. After we both were naked, we started playing with our cocks and after another 15 minutes of pure sexual pleasure I exploded. Seeing my throbbing dick spray cum all over my stomach; Candy climaxed as well. That day was so amazing to me and after that day I kept coming back for more.
So my advice for anyone out there, that was a little curious like I was, give shemale cams a try. You never know what you may find. But believe me; you will have tons of fun. Now when I need some relief, I can turn to my favorite shemale cam. So if you find yourself horny and alone why not try one out for yourself?

Shemale Pornstar Walkiria Drumond

Posted by admin - May 28th, 2015

When I first got to see this scene, ‘Fallen 4 U’, it had only been online for six days and already had received 11,500 views. That tells you something about the size of the shemalepornstarstube.com membership and the loyalty of those shemale members. This scene comes from the site ‘Gods of Shemales’ where they take the theme of tranny on shemale lovemaking and sensual sex as the driving force behind the excellent quality hardcore. It’s all about shemale porn here, of course, but on this site they lean towards the sensitive and the ‘soft-focus’ side of hardcore.

You may be wondering what I mean, so here goes: When this scene starts we have Walkiria Drumond – http://www.shemalepornstarstube.com/ – laying naked on his bed, face down, showing off his great ass and his slightly hairy legs. He gets up, dresses in his tight fitting underwear and heads outside. Here he spies the cute and sexy, though very manly, Ricky Decker. So, Walkiria follows him and it’s apparent that he has, as the title suggests, fallen for him. She isn’t stalking him, it’s just that he can’t keep his eyes off him as Ricky goes about his daily business. Over all of this we have nice music and the visuals are well shot and well edited. It’s like the start of a cinema movie, or a TV show, and so far it’s all been softcore but very intriguing. But don’t worry, it’s not at all boring and it soon heats up.
Walkiria Drumond
Walkiria Drumond gets home and takes a shower, so there’s some nice lingering shots of her wet body and his soft, cut cock which, we know from experience, rises up to a full six inches when hard. So by now we are not only intrigued but also getting turned on, and then things get even better.

Shemale Pornstar Angeles Cid in action

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‘Shemale Pornstar’ have a great reputation of showing some of the best shemale porn around, and by the award winning site ShemalePornstarsTube. They have excellent quality pictures with great sound. ‘Tranny Weekend’, starring Angeles Cid and Kimber James from http://www.shemalepornstarstube.com/, is no exception; it shows off some very talented and horny girls having a very good time on their spring break. Two good friends, have gone to a hidden away holiday resort in Palm Springs for some hot and horny action. The only thing about it, though, is that it is a shemale resort – and they didn’t know that, and they are all straight. They try and look around for somewhere else to go, but find that everywhere is full up. Rather than go back home, they decide to stay and make the most of their time there. As long as no one touches them then they are fine – or so they say.
shemale pornstar

shemale webcam

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she-male Yum tells is that it’s the longest working transsexual website on the internet. It’s additionally Among the best I reckon as it’s got almost 3,300 movies, as nicely as the very least exactly the same wide variety of picture sets or even much more.  Information contains hundreds of online videos and Picture galleries with shemales of all of the distinct ethnicities as nicely as in activity ranging from solamente strip-tease to full-on serious. Once the longest-running tranny website in the internet, ShemaleYum features gathered 100s regarding the hottest shemales collectively to carry you foul hardcore fucking, alluring softcore photo establishes and a lot of solo tranny masturbation. For the reason that time they’ve shot content material with more than 1,300 models and created more than 400,000 photographs and nearly 3,000 videos. To phrase it differently, this is a giant website.

Models are around seventeen hundred and most have an range of scene offered. Besides the primary content material classification there is a comprehensive search/filter program having a number of choices for finding differing kinds of models or forms of action and any variation therein. Some version details may additionally be supplied. The Shemale Yum galleries are above typical, good quality with various-sized pictures based on how old issues are, you’ve got slideshows and zip document packages, and easy navigation. It is possible to collect specific pics or entire sets, and also you are able to develop your own stock of your favourite ladies. Or should you prefer to see shemale on man or shemale on female or also some shemale on shemale butt pounding and cock drawing,they’ve got you covered. Just what about if all that you desire to see are trios and team sex scenes? Well, you’re in fortune also due to the fact they usually have these right here. Occasionally the live tranny cam menus are difficult to adhere to as they change from page to page and it also can be tough to find your path back to in which you’ve just come from. But if you’re heading to get lost someplace you might because well lose your way amongst a ton of warm transsexuals. The serious content is properly-represented having a couple hundred views, but there’s no issue the greatest percent of this activity is solo. irrespective of which sort of scene they’re performing the babes look stunning, their figures are perfect, plus they play with passion.

Some design details includes backlinks to their particular web site and we ran right into a few that had been dead links so those might not be tracked consistently. Shemale Yum has all of it; a huge stock of motion pictures and galleries, lots of horny, varied and worldwide Tgirls and some fine extras also. Should you subscribe to the three-month option you might be obtaining prefect value for the money, and even along with the month-to-month sign up you can get a deal. Yes, there are nonetheless a few kinks still getting exercised to make the website even much better than it is but as of right now, it offers an obscene level of outstanding exclusive shemale content in inclusion to day-to-day updates along with for that, this website gets two big thumbs up from myself. It’s true, you should not ask a woman – or a lady boy – her age, however with fourteen several many years of expertise this website simply gets better with age. They pose in hot clothes and underwear, perform with their particular cocks, hit big loads, have actually hardcore sex, and even more. check my site

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