Hank and his new clothes

Posted by admin - August 12th, 2015

shemalecamHank threw his bag of cheap clothes on his bed and went and had a shower, and then sat naked on the end of the bed in his hotel room. He opened up his lap top and typed in a shemale cam site name in his search engine. He had never seen the site before but someone had told him about it last night at a club he had been to. Hank is married with children but he loves it when he has to go away on business trips so that he gets a chance to express himself properly. In fact, Hank would have gone on to this shemale chat site last night but he wanted to be fully ready. He watched as lots of photos of pretty and beautiful chicks with dicks appeared on the screen. His eight inch uncut dick was rock hard already as he looked at all their amazing bodies.
Hank saw a woman called Franny who was dressed up as a sexy, tempting secretary with glasses and sexy stockings. Just the right cam person he was looking for. Hank put his hand in his bag and pulled out a pair of woman’s panties and put them on – after making sure he ripped a hole in them so he could get to his aching asshole which he had just shaved. He then slowly dressed up in almost the same clothes as Franny in front of him and then, and only then, did he click on her image. Hank felt good as Franny appeared on the screen in front of him. It was only then that he realized Franny looked remarkably like his own secretary, but he felt comfortable with himself for the first time in ages.
‘I want you to touch your body outside of your clothes,’ Hank said, knowing exactly what he wanted, what he had always wanted. He watched as Franny squeezed her big sexy tits through her white blouse. Hank did the same and felt his cock throb in return. He copied her every move, as her hands went down her stomach, so did he; he mirrored her as her hands went over the front of her skirt, over her hard lump that jutted out. Hank did the same and his cock almost came as it felt the warmth of his hands rub against it, the panties restraining his cock all the time.
‘Now keep your shirt on and take your tits out, then I want you to lift up your skirt and play with your dick,’ Hank tapped in as he felt a sudden rush of adrenalin surge through his body. Hank squeezed his nipples and lifted his own skirt up and rubbed his cock like she was doing in front of him. She looked amazing and he felt like he was looking into a mirror.
‘Can you get on your knees now please, and keep your skirt above your waist; I really would like to see you fuck yourself with a dildo,’ he asked as he took out his brand new dildo out of his bag knowing that it would have to be thrown away later, in case his wife saw it.
His heart thumped in his chest as he once more copied what Franny was doing. He didn’t take his eyes of her as he watched the dildo going in and out of her tight asshole. His body felt like an explosion had happened inside as he rammed his own dildo in and out of his tight shaved ass, harder and faster, faster and harder until it built up into one massive crescendo and without touching his cock, he shot hot smouldering spunk into his woman’s panties. It leaked out and dripped onto the bed.
Hank felt so good and decided to send the shemale cam chat site an email thanking them for making his dreams come true. He threw away his clothes and dildo and went back home the next day. But he went back home a happier man and knew he would soon be doing it all over again with another hot shemale friend online via facebook.

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